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  • 10 Tips to Boost Your Job Productivity This Summer

    May 17, 2017


    Summer fun is almost here. Are you as efficient and organized as you should be so you can take advantage of it? There are lots of fun times in the sun right around the corner but you have to have the time to get out there and enjoy it. We’ve got 10 tips to boost your job productivity this summer, so you can get there a little faster:

    1. Cut those meetings! See if you can shave a little time off of them. You’ll probably cut the chit chat, but will get the same amount of work done. Think about the hours you’ll get back from 15 minutes here and there. If you just trimmed one meeting a day, you’d have an hour and a half more a week! That might be an hour and a half of more fun.

    2. Take a break. Are you feeling cloudy at work? If you are feeling distracted and you can’t focus, take a break. Even a few minutes will help get you back on track. It is remarkable what a brain break can do to actually help you be more productive. Sometimes pushing through actually hurts you instead of helps. If you really want to maximize your break, go outside and catch a few rays of sunlight. It will be even better for you.

    3. Eliminate distractions. Seems simple, but most of us need a reminder to do this. Some easy ways to execute this is to close your door, turn your monitor and chair away from the doorway, clean off your desk, turn off your phone and close social media. The more focused you are on the job tasks at hand, the faster you’ll get things, and the more summer fun you’ll have.

    4. Set and review your schedule for the next day before you call it quits. Some people do well with this before they leave their office. Some need to do it before they go to bed. Whatever works for you, do it. Knowing and keeping your schedule will help you stay on task and get the most amount of work accomplished.

    5. Focus on one task at a time. You want your work to be high quality and complete. The best way to ensure that happens is by sticking to one thing at a time. Let’s face it, many of us multi-task, but it isn’t the best way to get things done. We become distracted and what we produce suffers. Do you know what else suffers? Our free time!

    6. Ground yourself and stay centered. Take a little time each morning to take care of yourself and get ready for the day. This might mean some meditation, stretching, a walk, or simply reading the paper and drinking some coffee. This time should make you feel like you are balanced and ready to start the day.

    7. Make lists. Try writing a weekly list that you can break up into smaller daily tasks. This will help you think big picture (like having more summer fun) as well and stay focused. As you check off your daily list, if there are things you didn’t get to, let them flow to the next day.

    8. Feel accomplished. Start your day with your simplest tasks.Take the time to knock out any little things you need to do so they aren’t hanging over your head all day. Getting some things checked off your list will also help you feel accomplished and have a positive feeling to start your day.

    9. Stay on top of your inbox. First things first, delete emails that aren’t needed and unsubscribe from email lists that send you things that you never read. Next, use your inbox tools. File emails in folders, mark important emails you need to stay on top of. Try to check your email a few times a day, instead of getting distracted constantly by desktop notifications.

    10. Take care of yourself. You hear it all the time, but only because it is true! Your best self will deliver the best and most efficient work. Eat right, sleep well, exercise, have meaningful relationships, spend time inside as well as outside.

    Get yourself going in the right direction with your work habits now so you can take advantage of all the good times summer has in store. Using these tips will help you stay productive, efficient, balanced and making the most of every minute.

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  • 5 Things to Help Nurses Balance Mind, Body and Spirit

    May 12, 2017


    National Nurses Week has a very important theme this year, the balance of Mind, Body & Spirit. This caring and technical profession can really take a toll. It is imperative that nurses care for themselves, even before they care for others. The idea mimics the airplane directions “put your oxygen mask on first, before your children.” The job is hard and the balance is hard. We’ve put together a list of tips that are helpful for maintaining stability in life at and outside of nursing.

    1. Meditate. Even if you only have a few minutes. Take that time to find quietness in your heart and mind. Nurses use both constantly and they get worn out! Give them the break they need. Your body will thank you! It’s a great tool to relieve stress.

    2. Eat well. When we are stressed or crunched for time it is really easy to grab food that might taste good for a minute but ultimately does nothing to nuourish or nurture us. Certainly treat yourself (or let others treat you) but don’t let the job be an excuse for not fueling yourself well with proteins and colorful vegtables and fruits.

    3. Move more. Nurses are running all the time. Running between patients, supporting their staff and talking with and consoling families. You body is moving – but not for you. It is moving for others. Do some regular exercise to release stress, loosen your joints and clear your mind. It could be as simple as a walk around the block or as intense as a scheduled class. Want to really do your body some good? Incorporate yoga you’re your exercise routine.

    4. Sleep. Make sure to get restful sleep. It is imperative for your body and mind to have rest in order to operate efficiently and accurately. Try to avoid screens for 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed. Take deep breaths, make sure the temperature in the room is right for you and think happy thoughts as you drift off to sleep. Sleep will keep your immune system, emotional health and overall physical energy strong.

    5. Laugh. Find humor if it doesn’t come to you. Make plans with friends, read a funny book, take in a few minutes on YouTube, or whatever it takes to get a good belly laugh in. You’ll be interrupting your stress cycle and releasing all the good chemicals in your body and brain. You’ll feel better and your body will get a boost.

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