4 Awesome Icebreaker Ideas to Improve Meetings

Ice breaker activities have long been incorporated into staff meetings, conferences, and classes as a way to help jump-start a meeting, breakdown barriers, energize the group, and provide a fun way for everyone to get to know each other a little better. Short activities and games can easily be incorporated into your workplace.

Below are just a few ideas that you can easily do with your own team.

1. Commonalities. Pick a number (let’s say 5), and your team must identify five things that everyone has in common. If your group is large, break the group up into smaller groups. Then have a representative from each group read aloud the list of what everyone in their smaller group has in common.

2. Truth and Lie. Have your colleagues name three things about themselves. You can be specific or leave it up to each individual to name any three things. They must provide two truths and one lie. The rest of the group will guess which one of the three things is a lie.

3. Team Building Questions. Identify a list of questions that can help your team get to know each other better. Let the group pick their question from a bowl. Below are five questions to get you thinking about the type of questions and other questions that you can create that would fit your work environment.

  • What is one of your work-related pet peeves?
  • What time of day do you feel you are your most productive?
  • What is a responsibility in your job that your co-workers may not be aware that you have?
  • If a co-worker has a question for you, do you prefer email, phone, messaging or stopping by your office?
  • What is a job that you have had in your past and how has it prepared you for your current role?

4. Career Success Moments. Ask everyone in the room to reflect on a memory (or two) when they experienced success in their jobs. What are they proud of? This can be exceeding identified goals, creating a new program, being recognized by the company, or any experience throughout their career that they are proud of.

You can also create your own ice breaker activities! All of the above can be tailored to what works best for your team or group.

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