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  • Four Benefits of Working with Seniors

    March 30, 2017


    4 Benefits of Working with Seniors

    Brookdale Senior Living is fortunate to work a great segment of the population: older adults. Have you ever considered working with the seniors? You may be pleasantly surprised to know how fulfilling it can be.

    Here are just a few of the many reasons why working with seniors should be high on your list:

    1. They make us use our brains. Seniors are just like you and I, they are just older, have more experience, and many more stories to share. So much can be learned from talking with a senior. The advice they have to lend and the lessons they’ve learned. They have great history and perspective to share. They make us think, consider and evaluate decisions we make in our own lives.

    2. They make us feel better. They have lived long enough to know what insecurities are worth letting go of. They encourage living that way too! They boost confidence, often praise risk-taking and can be a real refreshing reminder that life is about living, not about being afraid to.

    3. They provide opportunity. Working with older adults can provide an opportunity to become an expert. There are many changes that happen as we age and with those aging. Learning about them and being aware and able to identify these changes and/or issues can help you create your niche. You’ll be able to detect problems faster and help more. What is the result? You feel empowered, and seniors are getting better care.

    4. They put our fears at ease. Seniors are less afraid of death than younger people. They have had more experiences with it, often with people they are close to like family and friends. They have more time on this planet and bring perspective to life and death. They help us think about how we want to live now and how we want things to be when it is our time to leave. They bring gentle awareness to a topic we all need to think about and know about, but is often taboo.

    There are many opportunities, with Brookdale Senior Living and elsewhere, to work in the senior care industry. There is always opportunity for professional growth and development in the field as well. Here are some examples of occupations in the field:
    • Caregiver
    • Activity director or assistant
    Executive Director
    • Physical and Occupational Therapist
    • Housekeeping

    Have we peaked your interest? There are many sites to research for opportunities in the industry: Brookdale Senior Living, Indeed, Snagajob, CareerBuilder, and Monster.

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  • Job Search 101: Creating Your Own Luck

    March 17, 2017


    Luck and the Job Search (2)

    Ever feel like things are going your way? Like traffic was unusually good, a bill was less than expected, gas prices were extra low on the day you chose to fill up or dessert was free on day you decided to go out for lunch? Don’t you want that feeling during your job search? You might actually have a little control on setting yourself up for a windfall of good luck landing your next and best job.

    Thomas Jefferson once said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” So let’s get to it!

    Essentials for setting the stage for your lucky day:
    • Educate yourself on the company you are trying to get hired into. Research that they need, what their problems are and offer solutions. Find out what their culture is like and present yourself as the perfect fit. Check out these top ten ideas on how to be ready and full of the knowledge you need to set yourself up for the pot of gold.
    • Prepare, prepare, prepare. Do all the things that you are supposed to do prior to an interview. Dress the part or a little better, and if you need some advice, check out our ten tips. Phone interviews typically happen first. Are you ready for one? Check out our list of ways you can rock that call.
    • Set yourself up socially. Clean up your personal social media pages. Many employers look at your social media before they hire. Make sure your LinkedIn is up to date and you seize all opportunities to connect with people that may be helpful in your job search. Make sure your on-line presence is the best it can be.
    • Make sure you are confident – need a boost? Practice smiling, learn something new, accept compliments, meditate, go for a walk, get some exercise, or anything that makes you feel good about you! Having trouble with self-motiving some confidence? Go see a friend that can provide you with a boost. Being confident, calm, cool and collected before an interview is one of the keys to your lucky day.
    • Still feel like you need some good luck? Try some charms. Put a lucky penny in your pocket, go 4-leaf clover hunting, plant some bamboo or hang a horseshoe in your office. Maybe you need something a little more personal. Put a photo in your wallet, carry a small trinket that belongs to someone you care about, wear a piece of jewelry from someone special.
    • Remember gratitude. We are all lucky in some way. We have things to be grateful for and things that we wish for too. Starting with gratitude can be the beginning of our luck.

    Another great quote about luck is from Tennessee Williams, “Luck is believing you’re lucky.”

    Williams got it right. It doesn’t take the luck of the Irish to be lucky, or any sort of charm. Believe you are lucky, preparing for your adventures and embracing the path will come together to deliver a successful job hunt.

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