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  • 10 Tips on Loving Your Job

    February 14, 2017



    Oh job, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    Very few of us just love our job for what it is. It’s reality that most of us work because we need money to pay bills. Even so, we can make the most of our job and ultimately love what we do to pay those bills. Are you wondering how? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out these ten action items you can jump on now to ensure you love what you are doing everyday.

    1. Keep it fresh! Look for small opportunities to alter your routine. Change your break schedule, what you do for break, the music you listen to, the chair you sit in, or just your route to the water cooler! Small changes can lead to a different outlook.

    2. Gratitude is the attitude. Make a list of all the great things about your job. Keep it handy, read it often. It can be a good salary, good people, or the opportunities it provides for growth in the future. Heck, maybe it is the free hot chocolate! Whatever it is, make a note. The little things really matter.

    3. Make Friends. Friends are helpful in all life situations. They help you feel supported and happy. Spend some time getting to know the people you work with. You can create simple friendships, ones that you have a few things in common, aren’t to heavy, but are with people you like to talk to. Work functions are a whole lot better with friends, right?

    4. Make yourself at home. You spend a lot of time at work, so make it a place you want to be. If you are in a space with little natural light, bring a small plant to bring in the outdoors. Use your favorite colors, photos, or small decorations that keep you happy.

    5. Stay inspired. Have your favorite quotes nearby. Write your goals down and having them visible. Download the playlist that keeps you pumped. Wear your favorite colors or a dab of your favorite cologne. Whatever you do that make you feel like champ, do it.

    6. Keep it in perspective. Change other areas of your life (or perspective of them) that might be influencing how you feel about your job. Don’t hate your job just because you hate paying rent on an apartment you hate. Make sense? Are all other things in life happy and on point too? Keep it balanced. Are you having enough fun?

    7. Insert joy-jumpers. Create little blips of time that make your day better. Is it your favorite tune at ten? How about text someone you love at two. Small treats you stash and only allow yourself to have when you are two-thirds of the way through the day. Small breaks plus a little joy make all days go better.

    8. Keep your eye on the prize. What is your ultimate goal for being at work? Is it to save for a house? Put something in your workspace to remind you of that. Maybe it is to retire to the beach, or provide for your family. Keep dog food in the bowl? There are all kinds of photos and reminders that you can have with you at work to help remind you of the payoff.

    9. Reward yourself. Doing a good job, being on task and goal oriented isn’t easy. You are doing it though – so reward yourself! Plan for a day during the week to do something positive at lunch, during a break or after work. It might be as simple as checking out an art gallery down the street, or getting your favorite hot beverage from a nearby coffee shop. Make it close to work so you associate the two. Whah-lah, work suddenly feels so much better.

    10. Make it work for you. What do you do in your job that can be done a little more creatively to make it more enjoyable for you? Can you schedule a meeting over lunch or at the picnic tables instead of the conference room? Can you get your news while you care staying current on the news you need for your job? Thinking through what you are already doing and how you might tweak it a little to benefit you personally will make you feel efficient as well and nourished.

    And when all is said and done and you turn off your computer, flip off the light switch or turn the key to your ignition. Turn off work too. Enjoy the rest of your life so you can enjoy the next day at your job.

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  • What to Wear to an Interview, 10 Tips

    February 8, 2017



    Ten tips on dressing for your interview

    We’ve all heard the phrase, “first impressions matter.” They really do, especially when it comes to what you wear to a job interview. Hiring managers are going to look at you and try to image you in the position they’re trying to fill. The way you dress and present yourself can really influence your likelihood of getting the job. You want to give them reasons to hire you, not reject you. Here are ten tips to help get your ready for the big interview:

    1. You aren’t going to school. You are bringing the knowledge, right? Don’t bring a backpack. We know, they are easy and many of us use them daily. For an interview, however, it is better to carry a satchel, notepad or purse instead.

    2. Dress up. You don’t have to wear a suit (though it never hurts) but do dress one or two positions up the chain. Show the hiring manager you’ve got ambition. Polish your shoes, trim your nails, and don’t pack your pockets with change.

    3. Keep it simple. Don’t let your outfit be a distraction from all the great experience and information you bring. Sticking to neutral colors and fewer patterns is always a good, safe bet.

    4. Sexy is for the dance floor. An interview isn’t the place for plunging necklines, unbuttoned shirts or short skirts. Again, it’s about avoiding distraction. Your brains are more attractive to hiring managers.

    5. Think similar to staging your house. Be mindful of personal accessories and keep them to a minimum. The last thing you want is your tongue piercing clinking when you are explaining the most successful thing you have done in your career. Such a distraction! You want them engaged with your story, not trying to read your tattoo. Remember, the interviewer is imagining you in the role keep them engaged with your experience and expertise.

    6. Fake it til you make it. Haven’t been in the industry long? That is okay – dress like you have been. Think of what you’ll wear when you are in the position five to ten years from now.

    7. Don’t be sent away because of your scent. Smell good, but not too strong. You might offend the hiring manager with strong cologne. Many people are actually allergic to perfumes and cologne. Wouldn’t it be terrible if your interview got cancelled because the interviewer had an allergy attack? Stay on the safe side. A little dab with do you.

    8. Let your only wrinkles be from laughs. Nothing looks messier than a wrinkly shirt or pants. Try to wear something that is wrinkle resistant and make sure to iron well. Looking neat will go a long way on your first impression.

    9. Look at yourself in the mirror. Your whole self. It sounds simple, but the truth is you may be used to getting ready, doing a quick face and hair check and running out the door. Make sure to look at yourself in a full-length mirror. Are your pants stuck in your socks? Is your belt crooked? Did you take off all the tags (if your clothes are new)?

    10. Be comfortable. There is nothing worse than feeling pinched here or there while you’re in an interview. Make sure to try on your interview outfit and do all the moves; sit, stand and walk around before the big day. Being comfortable in your outfit will allow you to be more comfortable delivering your job-landing answers.

    Be your best self. Feel good about what you are wearing and don’t be distracted by your own outfit. Comfort is the key. You’ll be at ease, and be perceived more confident if you are comfortable in what you are wearing. Let your knowledge and experience shine more than your buttons. Make sure that first impression is on point and get that job offer.

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