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  • Brookdale’s HR Department Offers Opportunities to Grow Career

    April 20, 2017

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    What it all comes down to for Aly Fischer is the relationships she’s built at Brookdale. It’s the mentors, friends and support she’s encountered that have kept her with the company for seven years, and helped her earn promotions that placed her in leadership roles.

    “Thanks to Brookdale’s continued focus on our culture, my relationships with other associates have been built on a foundation of compassion, respect and integrity,” Fischer said. “Partnerships built on this foundation make an enjoyable work environment. I have also had a lot of great mentors during my time with Brookdale that have helped me grow and develop as a professional.”

    Fischer’s career path is just one example of the opportunities for growth Brookdale associates find in our Human Resources department. She planned on becoming a teacher and while attending the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, took a different direction that crossed paths with HR.


    Aly Fischer

    “Growing up, I always thought I’d be a teacher,” Fischer said. “By my sophomore year in college, I realized I didn’t want to teach and, in a panic, I took a class for undecided majors. Through this class, my personality and skill assessments kept showing HR as a good fit. I did some reading and met with HR professionals and eventually changed my major to Human Resources. I liked the idea of working with people and helping people with their career. I also liked all the different paths I could take in the field.”

    After graduation, Fischer moved to Milwaukee to be closer to family and begin her own career search. She joined Brookdale in 2011, starting as an HR Generalist, and was quickly promoted to Senior HR Generalist and then to HR Manager. In late 2016, Fischer was promoted to her current role as a Regional HR Director (RHRD).

    “What has helped me grow with Brookdale has been taking advantage of opportunities to learn, ask questions, and propose changes when I saw an opportunity for simplification or improved compliance,” Fischer said.

    In her current role, she provides support to communities in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Her responsibilities include monitoring compliance with Brookdale policies and procedures and regulatory requirements; assisting with coaching and developing associates, investigating associate concerns; responding to questions from communities and associates, and helping to promote and support the Brookdale culture in our communities. She is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and will graduate this May.

    “In my new role, I have the opportunity to visit communities more often, which is one of my favorite parts of the job,” she says. “I enjoy meeting our residents and getting to know our associates who care for them. I love seeing our associates’ faces light up when they talk about how much they love the residents they care for. Those relationships are really special. I learn something new about Brookdale or our field every day.”

    Other HR leaders in the organization have served as strong role models and mentors as she’s grown her career.

    “Jan Teuscher, Vice President, Field HR, was a leader in the Milwaukee office when I began working at Brookdale and she taught me the value of making personal connections,” Fischer said. “Jan took time to connect and celebrate each associate, which was very impactful early on in my HR career.”

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  • Navy Veteran Anchors Career with Brookdale Senior Living

    April 7, 2017

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    While in the Navy, Shanita Rosario grew accustom to moving from port to port. During the early stages of her nursing career Rosario transitioned from job to job and company to company as she looked for the right place to drop anchor. She’d never stayed with a company longer than one year until she came aboard Brookdale.

    Rosario joined Brookdale in the fall of 2014 as an RN case manager. She was promoted to the role of clinical services manager in 2016, and recently accepted another promotion, becoming a director of clinical services for Brookdale Hospice in Houston.


    Shanita Rosario

    “I’m very proud to have been here for that long,” Rosario said. “It’s just a really good company, where I’ve been able to grow and I like the residents that we work with. It’s different than anything else I’ve done.”

    Rosario joined the Navy after graduating from high school and became a cook. She spent time in Hawaii and Guam, among other places and leaned the values self-discipline, organization and leadership. The military way of doing things stuck with her.

    “I think it definitely prepared me in the way of being organized and having things fall in order,” she said. “My coworkers used to mess with me about that. I just like things highly organized.”

    After four years of military service, Rosario was contemplating civilian life and found herself drawn to nursing. She enrolled in a technical school and became a certified nursing assistant. She later decided to pursue a degree in nursing. With tuition assistance from the Veterans Administration, Rosario completed the courses needed to become a registered nurse.

    It was during her first job in the nursing field that she developed an interest in hospice. She formed a relationship with a hospice patient who she was administering medication to. That experience showed Rosario that she had the compassion and mindset to work in hospice.


    Rosario spent 4 years in the Navy before deciding on a career in nursing.

    “There’s such a rewarding feeling to providing end-of-life care,” Rosario said. “You’re not only helping the patient but the family too. They allow you to come into their lives and be there in the end. I’ve been doing hospice ever since.”

    Brookdale has provided Rosario with opportunities to bond with patients but also given her the support she needed to advance her career. She said her supervisors never micro-manage and Brookdale leaders have been “easy to talk to.” Rosario credits her boss, Hospice Director Larissa Baldwin, for opening doors to the promotions she’s received. Baldwin has also been a mentor as Rosario leans how to manager others. Rosario now manages about 20 people and said it’s the first time she’s directly supervised anyone. It’s a new course that this Navy vet is still charting.

    “I’m trying to stay consistent,” Rosario said. “I’ve always been approachable, and want my staff to feel like they can come to me for anything. That’s how my managers have been.”

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