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  • Throwback Thursday: First Job Edition

    December 24, 2015


    Throwback ThursdayLarger

    Do you remember your first job?

    What about all the other jobs along the way? All of those throwback memories can help you today. Take those experiences and put them to work for you now.

    Not sure how to do that? Let me explain. One of our associates told us a story about how their first job as a teenager was helping out in the fields on a local farm. Even though it was really hard work and their allergies were terrible, they remembered the camaraderie they had with their co-workers and still feel like it was one of the best jobs they ever had.

    When I asked them why they liked it so much, the answer I got was an enthusiastic, “It was awesome!”

    In reflecting on the friendships they developed on the farm, the associate identified their desire to work with people who like to be part of a team atmosphere.

    The same associate, many years later, worked in a sales role. They worked hard and made good money, but absolutely hated it. Ultimately, it wasn’t a good fit because sales was not how the associate wanted to help people, they wanted to help in a more personal way. Today, that associate knows direct sales will send them down a different path and they learned through that role how important it was that they focus on connecting with people and providing exceptional customer service, which is what they do now.

    So take this throwback Thursday and ask yourself – what have you loved, and hated, about the roles you’ve taken over the course of your career?  Use that information to fine-tune your job search and focus on landing a job that will be challenging, rewarding, and ultimately fulfilling.

    You find a job you love and you’ll never “work” a day in your life!

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  • 5 Tips on Managing Your Job Search During the Holidays

    December 23, 2015



    It’s easy to get distracted from your job search during the holidays. You have family gatherings, shopping, gift-wrapping, egg-nogging, Facebook-ing, movie-watching, thumb-twiddling, and the list goes on and on. With only a few days off to get it all done, it’s so important to stay focused on what’s important to you.

    It can be a stressful time, with so much to do, especially if you find yourself without a job all together at such a financially taxing season. Whatever the reason for your job search, it is still possible to be happy and productive this time of year.

    Here are 5 fool-proof tips to help manage your job search and keep your stress-level down during the holiday season:

    1. Don’t stop searching and applying! For many recruiters, the holidays provide a little more freedom to scour the web and take a break from inner-office pressures. It may be the perfect time for them to spend some quality time with your application.

    2. Be centered in yourself. Listen to calming music. Take the time to reflect on what you are grateful for in life. Stay healthy. Provide yourself the opportunity to enjoy your down time. Your best self is going to be your most attractive quality for potential employers.

    3. Stay busy. If you need a little cash in your pocket, consider taking a temporary position. Often, extra help is needed in retail and service-based businesses during the holiday season. (Bonus tip: Many temp positions turn into permanent ones.)

    4. Interact. Keep networking and letting people know that you are searching. Use holiday gatherings to your advantage. Talk to friends and even people you meet at parties about your goals and aspirations. Don’t be afraid to tell them about your dream job. You never know who may be able to help connect you with the right company and position for you!

    5. Get creative. Challenge yourself to stretch the all mighty dollar and get innovative with your holiday gift giving. Make handmade and heartfelt gifts that are both meaningful and inexpensive. Give time. Delight in the holiday experiences. Make edible gifts. Put together a coupon book for chores or services for friends and family. We are all fortunate to have so much in life. This is the perfect opportunity to remember that and come up with alternative gift ideas that really make an impact without breaking the bank.

    For super-charging your job search, visit to see what positions we have available.

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