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  • New Year, New Habits: 2016 Job Search Edition

    January 5, 2016


    It’s a New Year and it’s time to create some new habits to help you get into the perfect job. Here are four suggestions on new habits to get your 2016 job search started and put you ahead of the pack:

    1. Get out there! Volunteer and give back to your community. You’ll meet new people and find new opportunities to let people know you are looking for a job. In general, the people that volunteer are the kind of people you want to meet. They are interested in helping others…maybe even you!
    1. Listen to yourself. Seriously – take heed to the words coming out of your mouth. Are they positive? Are you producing a good impression to others? Take note and change if needed; you’ll be happier and others will be happier listening to you.
    1. Look at that watch. How are you spending your time? Are you falling aimlessly into the black hole otherwise known as the Internet? Make sure you spend appropriate time there, but also make sure you are putting your research into action and taking time to network. Like many things in life, a well-rounded approach to job hunting will get you the results you desire and keep you happier while you are searching for your next career opportunity.
    1. What does your desk and desktop look like? Is it disorganized? Chances are, if it is, so is your job search. Take the time to get organized. Keep track of what you have done, what you need to do, and the things you still need to learn. Keep a spreadsheet, refer to it daily, and check off those list items. You’ll feel accomplished and positive, which will only help your outlook and how you present yourself.

    Bonus Tip: Add your favorite job boards and company career pages (including Brookdale) to your favorites list so you can stay up to date with who’s hiring and what jobs are available.

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  • 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Kick-Start Your 2016 Job Search

    December 30, 2015


    As we wind down 2015 and ramp up for 2016, we often think of all the things we are going to do differently. That’s especially true if you are considering a career move. It’s time to evaluate your plan for getting a new job (or landing your dream job) in the New Year.

    Here’s a list of five resolutions that you should consider making for your job search:

      1. Know what you want in a job and be able to articulate it clearly. Create a dream board if needed. Write it down and remember it. Practice saying it out loud. Know clearly what you want and your search will be easier for you and for others helping you.
      2. Make a list of places you would love to work and keep it visible daily. What is important to you (refer to #1)? What companies provide these things? We are pretty sure will be on your list…
      3. Clean up your on-line presence. Update LinkedIn and present your best self. Google yourself to see if there is anything on-line that might not present you in the best light. Stay on top of it and make it part of your routine to check out yourself on-line.
      4. Create and implement a well-rounded approach that includes on-line and in person networking. Set goals for each and stick to them. Here are some ideas: Connect with X number of people (set an attainable number) each week. Have X number of meetings each week. Send out X number of emails to professionals that know you. Post X number of interesting things related to your search on-line.
      5. Help others in their job search. When you are keeping others in mind, they are going to do the same for you. Keep researching and help someone else in their job search if it makes sense. You may refer a person to their dream job. Who knows? They may return the favor!

    Make these resolutions and, most importantly, follow through with them. You are well on your way to the perfect job!

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