Career Advice: Say Thank You

As you reflect on 2016, think of all the people in your personal and professional life who have helped you along the way. When you sit down and consider the number of people who have made an impact on your life in one year, you might be amazed. You probably can’t count the number of times you verbally said “thank you” or sent a note of thanks expressing gratitude for an act of kindness.

This time of year lends itself to reflection on the challenges and accomplishments of the past, and planning for the upcoming year. Did you get a new job? Did you interview for a position? Did someone proof your resume, or did a mentor provide advice as you walked through the job search process? Have you thanked them for their time and for being a part of your career journey?

Do you have a colleague who went above and beyond on a project for you this year? Think about your team, of times when you were on deadline and needed others to step up and help with execution. Consider emailing them a quick note or stopping by their office before the end of the year to thank them again for their teamwork during 2016. A note of thanks is such a cherished way to share with your colleague that their effort made an impact on you and helped you get through that period of time.

Don’t limit yourself to your professional life – it could have been the young man in the checkout line bagging your groceries that you see every Saturday morning. His great attitude, smile and the fact that he always greets your children and asks how they are may have brought joy to your errands throughout the year. Sharing with him that he makes an impact on your life and how much you appreciate his awesome attitude will be so incredibly important to him. Or did a neighbor or friend do something during the year that you now recall with fondness?

In these final days of the year, take a moment to write a note or place a call to a few people who you are thankful for this year. Share a story of their impact on your life – big or small. This collection of people and experiences helped shape your 2016. And, together, just imagine what you can do in 2017!

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