Four Steps to a Professional Online Presence – A MUST for Job Seekers

Have you searched your name online recently? Have you reviewed your social media accounts to ensure all posts and images are professional? Your LinkedIn and other social media accounts will be one of the first places hiring managers and companies visit in order to learn more about you.

Facebook. Take time to read through your Facebook page. Have you made any unprofessional comments on your page or in response to friends’ posts? Do you have any questionable photographs that you are tagged in or that you have uploaded to your page?

Twitter. Review your Twitter page for any tweets that could be concerning to a potential employer. Have you retweeted anything unprofessional? Have you kept all of your tweets positive?

Instagram. What type of photographs do you post? What are your comments and hashtags? These are things to think about when you are reviewing your photo history. Hiring managers will be looking at all of it.

LinkedIn. This is an opportunity for you to shine. Not only is the biography information and experience on your own page helpful for you to stand out, but it is also the articles and valuable professional information that you share and comment on.

Make the time to review all of your social media activity. Check your privacy settings. Know that employers will be checking it, and may even monitor activity after you become an employee.

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