Do These Things to Make Work Fun

There are jobs where the words “work” and “fun” would never be used in the same sentence. But what if there were things you could do to make work more enjoyable, and maybe even more productive? Does this sound familiar? You grab a cup of coffee, greet co-workers then before you know it emails start coming in. New meetings are scheduled and items not already on your to-do list pop up. Incorporating team-building activities into your workplace might be the last thing you are thinking when things get busy.

Although it would be nice, very few companies and departments can take a half or full day for a fun outing or event. But, you don’t need this much time to bring a little fun to your week. A few simple activities can help with overall morale in the office, provide something to look forward to, let you get to know your co-workers better, and boost productivity.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

1. Acknowledge staff milestones
If you have a large staff, maybe identify one day a month to celebrate all of the birthdays and work anniversaries for the month. Add the team birthdays to everyone’s calendar so that it is a reminder for colleagues to wish staff a happy birthday.

2. Casual day
Is your office business casual? What about incorporating a jeans day on Fridays? At Brookdale’s Corporate office associates can wear jeans for an entire month if they donate to the Alzheimer’s Association.

3. Play games
As an example, you could find holiday BINGO cards online that you can print and distribute to staff. Then once an hour, you can email out a bingo word to all staff. The first person to email the contact with BINGO wins a prize.

4. Celebrate goals
Did your team meet or exceed a goal? Surprise the team and order pizza to celebrate.

5. Hold an Outdoor Meeting
Need to meet with people to bounce ideas around? Change things up by holding a meeting outside. If it’s just a few people you could walk and talk. If it’s a larger group find a place to sit like a few benches or under a tree.

There are many ways to formally and informally have fun in the workplace. Think of your colleagues and come up with a few ideas for your own team.

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