This is What Happens with Multi-Generations in the Workforce

Economists, social scientists and psychologists look at it as a grand experiment. What happens when you have different generations in the workplace. How will things go when you have Traditionalists and Baby Boomers working beside Generation Xers and Millennials. Many feel like there are just too many differences between people right out of college and older adults nearing retirement. But generational diversity can lead to great things in a work place. Surrounding yourself and learning from each generational category is incredibly beneficial.

When getting to know co-workers, people often engage with others of similar ages, length of time at the company or within the same department. Consider grabbing lunch with someone you pass in the hallway and greet, but you don’t really know. If you are right out of college, consider asking a baby boomer to lunch or for a cup of coffee. They’ll be as curious about you as you are about them.

The older generations have been in the workforce for many years and can serve as mentors for the younger generation coming into the workforce. Boomers and Traditionalists have incredible knowledge to be shared with younger adults to help provide guidance, advice based on their own experiences for others to learn from.

The younger generations bring fresh ideas, a different outlook, new technology and social media savy to the table. Consider asking a younger team member to lunch. Learn what motivates them, what they are looking for in a career, and how they chose their career path. You may learn new ways to engage them to benefit your department, company and their professional growth.

Everyone, no matter your age, has a story to share and can help you grow in your professional path. Step out of your comfort zone, and schedule a lunch. You both will benefit from the conversation.

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