Three Tips to Boost Office Productivity in 2017

The last two weeks of the year are traditionally a slower time for most companies. This often presents an ideal time to wrap up loose ends at the office, do a little “office cleaning” and set goals for January. If your goals include career change then being organized will help you get prepared and feel confident moving forward. Below you’ll find three simple steps to declutter and prepare for the new year, while your phone isn’t ringing and the office halls are quieter.

Clean up Email
Daily news alerts, office supply marketing emails, team messages where everyone is copied, emails with large attachments and daily business emails infiltrate all of our inboxes. You may have filters in place for your inbox and outbox but the total number of emails you have in your inbox may still be significant. The quiet time before the end of the year is a perfect time to delete. Many emails you need to keep – we aren’t saying delete all of them. But, going through your inbox and identifying messages that can be deleted, filed away, or forwarded on will help declutter your email box and give you a good clean slate for your return to the office in January.

Organize magazines, files and loose paper
Monthly business magazines, internal fliers, client files, and loose paper can stack up on your desk. Take time to glance through the publications you have not had a chance to read all year and decide if there is an article or two you want to hold onto or if you have a colleague who may enjoy reading the magazine. Go through all of your paper and desktop clutter to identify what can be read during these quieter days, what can be recycled and what needs to be shredded to ensure company information is not just placed loosely in a recycle bin.

Audit computer files
Are all of your files organized in their correct folders? Have you saved documents on your desktop that need to be moved over to the company server to ensure they are being backed up as well as accessible by the rest of the team? Be sure to follow company policy when organizing your files but this is a good time to ensure that you have followed the format and that you and your team have the most up to date files in place prior to the end of the year.

Taking the time now will help you feel more prepared and organized to kick off the New Year. Great things are ahead, so get inspired now!

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