5 Ways to Stay Calm for a Job Interview


It’s normal to be nervous about a job interview, especially when it’s a position you really want. Imagining a face-to-face meeting with a potential boss and thinking about the questions they might ask can wreak havoc on your nerves and lead to anxiety. It is often the unknown that takes you down the path of uncertainty. But there are simple ways to control your stress and keep your nervousness at a manageable level. Going into an interview fully prepared and as relaxed as you can be shows an employer that you’ve got what it takes to do the job.

Below are five tips to help you calm down and decrease anxiety before you take the hot seat.

1. Rest Up
Get a good night’s rest the night before your interview. Don’t eat too late, avoid alcohol and get to bed early to get a full night’s sleep. You want to be fully rested and engaged when you walk through the doors for the interview.

2. Practice
Visualize the interview. What questions could they ask? How will you respond? How many people will be in the room? What if you don’t have an answer? Thinking through different scenarios will help you process how the interview may go, and allow you to think through answers.

3. Deep Breaths
Breathe. It sounds so simple. When you are nervous, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your heart rate may be increasing and your breathing may not be consistent. Try a short breathing exercise to relax you before entering the interview.

4. Plan Ahead
Arrive early to the interview. You don’t have to walk in the building too early but leaving for the interview with plenty of time to spare helps avoid anxiety if you are to hit traffic, have to stop to fill up your gas tank or experience any unexpected issues.

5. Believe In Yourself
Remember they saw something great in your resume and want to learn more. They’re looking for the best candidate and are hoping it’s you. Have confidence in yourself. Give yourself a pep talk, listen to music that pumps you up and smile. You’ve got an interview and a lot of others didn’t make it this far.

Extra Tip: Be yourself. The interview is a two-way conversation. You want to learn more about the position and the company culture to better gauge if you would enjoy the position. And, they want to learn more about you as they try to identify the next great addition to their team. Good luck!

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Four Steps to a Professional Online Presence – A MUST for Job Seekers


Have you searched your name online recently? Have you reviewed your social media accounts to ensure all posts and images are professional? Your LinkedIn and other social media accounts will be one of the first places hiring managers and companies visit in order to learn more about you.

Facebook. Take time to read through your Facebook page. Have you made any unprofessional comments on your page or in response to friends’ posts? Do you have any questionable photographs that you are tagged in or that you have uploaded to your page?

Twitter. Review your Twitter page for any tweets that could be concerning to a potential employer. Have you retweeted anything unprofessional? Have you kept all of your tweets positive?

Instagram. What type of photographs do you post? What are your comments and hashtags? These are things to think about when you are reviewing your photo history. Hiring managers will be looking at all of it.

LinkedIn. This is an opportunity for you to shine. Not only is the biography information and experience on your own page helpful for you to stand out, but it is also the articles and valuable professional information that you share and comment on.

Make the time to review all of your social media activity. Check your privacy settings. Know that employers will be checking it, and may even monitor activity after you become an employee.

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6 Steps to a Flawless Resume, How to Get Hired


Your resume is often the first way a potential employer will judge whether you are a top candidate for a job. A resume is a valuable tool to highlight your employment history, training and the skills you bring to a new position. But a poorly written resume, or one that contains even the slightest error, can give a hiring manager a reason to discard you from consideration. It’s crucial not to give hiring managers any reason to toss your resume out of the stack, especially when you’re going after a position that several other candidates want. Think about it, if you’re reviewing 30, 40 or 50 resumes you’ll be looking for anyway to thin the pile. So don’t give them an easy rejection.

Crafting the perfect resume isn’t a difficult task, especially if you follow our steps. We’ll assume that you’ve found a good design.

Below are six steps to ensure your resume is flawless:

1. Update
Make sure your job history is updated and correct. Be sure to list what you’ve actually done for an employer and how you’ve helped solve problems or take ownership of a task.

2. Spell Check
This may seem like an easy one but it is crucial. Read back through your resume carefully, and look for any spelling errors. Double-check the spelling of company names and titles. Do not rely solely on the spell checker to catch any errors.

3. Check for Consistency
You need to make sure that you’ve followed a pattern when it comes to things putting words in bold and italics. Have you bolded the first and second company names but not the third? Pay attention to the places you have used italics, underlines or bold font and make sure you are consistent throughout your resume.

4. Keywords
Look for keywords in resume that match the job description. Have you reviewed the job description looking for keywords that they use that you should incorporate in your resume? Many companies will use a search function to filter through resumes quickly for candidates that match what they are looking for.

5. Check Punctuation and Grammar
Review all uses of contractions and apostrophes. These can easily be confused (you’re and your as an example). Also, don’t use exclamation points! No hiring manager wants to read a sentence as if you’re screaming at them. Check to make sure you’ve placed periods and commas where they should actually go, or if you even need them. Be sure you’re used consistent capitalization and not capitalized words that don’t need to be.

6. Ask for Help
Finally, have someone else proof your resume. By the time you’re ready to submit it, you’ve should have reviewed it many times. Having a fresh set of eyes read through the entire document, looking for any errors, consistency and overall flow will pay off. It’s almost a guarantee that there’s going to be something you missed or thought you changed.

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Do These Things to Make Work Fun


There are jobs where the words “work” and “fun” would never be used in the same sentence. But what if there were things you could do to make work more enjoyable, and maybe even more productive? Does this sound familiar? You grab a cup of coffee, greet co-workers then before you know it emails start coming in. New meetings are scheduled and items not already on your to-do list pop up. Incorporating team-building activities into your workplace might be the last thing you are thinking when things get busy.

Although it would be nice, very few companies and departments can take a half or full day for a fun outing or event. But, you don’t need this much time to bring a little fun to your week. A few simple activities can help with overall morale in the office, provide something to look forward to, let you get to know your co-workers better, and boost productivity.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

1. Acknowledge staff milestones
If you have a large staff, maybe identify one day a month to celebrate all of the birthdays and work anniversaries for the month. Add the team birthdays to everyone’s calendar so that it is a reminder for colleagues to wish staff a happy birthday.

2. Casual day
Is your office business casual? What about incorporating a jeans day on Fridays? At Brookdale’s Corporate office associates can wear jeans for an entire month if they donate to the Alzheimer’s Association.

3. Play games
As an example, you could find holiday BINGO cards online that you can print and distribute to staff. Then once an hour, you can email out a bingo word to all staff. The first person to email the contact with BINGO wins a prize.

4. Celebrate goals
Did your team meet or exceed a goal? Surprise the team and order pizza to celebrate.

5. Hold an Outdoor Meeting
Need to meet with people to bounce ideas around? Change things up by holding a meeting outside. If it’s just a few people you could walk and talk. If it’s a larger group find a place to sit like a few benches or under a tree.

There are many ways to formally and informally have fun in the workplace. Think of your colleagues and come up with a few ideas for your own team.

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Five No-Fail Fall Focus Tips While Job Hunting


Fall is upon us, schedules are getting busier and the holidays are right around the corner. It’s an easy time of year to lose focus in your job as well as on your goal of a new, satisfying and fulfilling job. Don’t let this time slip by you. Stay focused on your end goal while also continuing to excel in your current position with these five no-fail fall focus tips.

1. Get plenty of sleep. Feeling rested from a good night’s sleep is the key to having a successful, productive day. If you are having difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or wake up tired, take time to identify ways to help you get a more restful night’s sleep.

2. Practice mindfulness and meditation. The moment you wake up, you probably are immediately thinking of your busy day ahead and everything that needs to be done. Taking just a couple moments in the morning before you even start your day to meditate, relax and focus. This is also beneficial throughout your day to boost your effectiveness and focus.

3. Don’t overwork. Take short breaks during the workday. Taking breaks allows you to step back from your work and evaluate if you are being productive. It also provides a break from a possibly boring or mundane task, ultimately refocusing you. Working longer hours and not taking breaks is not a good solution to checking off your punch list. You need breaks to give yourself time to stretch, breathe and focus.

4. Don’t let work interfere with your personal life. In today’s connected environment, it is nearly impossible to completely disengage from work. This makes it even more important for you to be mindful of your time and to enjoy your personal time without checking your email or bringing work home.

5. Eliminate distractions. This applies at work and home. At work, be mindful of the activities that distract you (non-work related emails, internet searches or daydreaming). You must eliminate the distractions to increase your productivity and keep you focused. When you are at home, if you are considering a job change, use this time wisely. After a long, busy day, you may just want to sit down for a few minutes and watch your favorite program or read a book. You can still do this but open up your laptop up while you are sitting there and take a few minutes to research possibly job opportunities. Need a new book to read? Look for a book that provides career direction, motivation and keys to finding your personal success. It is easy to get distracted – eliminate them, focus and you will be rewarded.

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Considering a Career Change?


Are you at a crossroads with your current career path? Many people enter a professional field after college following a plan that’s based on their major and internships. You may have found your career choice rewarding for many years and thought that climbing the ladder was going to continue to be your professional path until you reach a comfortable level. Are you evaluating your next move? Do you feel that you are defined by your career over the last decade as well as your college major and you aren’t sure what else you could possibly do?

The first step is to know and believe that you can make a career change at any time. If you are beginning to evaluate your talents and what jobs you may enjoy, you may not be sure where to start.

Start with the people around you.
What do your friends do? What jobs excite you? What energizes you? Build an awareness of what draws your attention. Find out what subjects you’re drawn to when reading articles, watching television, traveling or just running errands. There are so many industries and careers out there, and when you take time to look around you realize the magnitude of your opportunities.

Utilize the internet and social media.
If you have careers that you are interested in learning more about, research to identify the industry leaders and businesses. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter. Utilizing these social media channels will allow you to see the articles they post, the topics that they find interesting, and industry trends. Monitoring the industry through the eyes of industry leaders and companies will help you learn more about the industry.

Reach out.
Is there someone in a position that you are interested in? Contact them and ask if you can interview them to learn more about the position, the company and the industry. Ask them how they entered the field. Conversations with people in the roles and departments that you are interested in will also provide you with insight to ensure this is the path you want to continue to follow.

Finding a new career path is exciting and ultimately rewarding. Good luck!

P.S. We always think checking out the open jobs at Brookdale is a good place to start!

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The Difference Making Culture at Brookdale Communities


We’re constantly amazed, notice I didn’t say surprised, by the ways our associates make a difference in the lives of the seniors they care for. There’s Rogerio, who got an otherwise quiet resident to sing with him. There’s Emily, who puts smiles on the faces of dementia care residents every morning by asking them to fill in the punchline of jokes. And there’s Shane, a bus driver who keeps his passengers entertained during rides with stories and jazz music.

While Brookdale is focused on the single mission of enriching the lives of our residents, we know there are many ways this can be achieved. We place great value on having a diverse team of people united by a passion to serve. There are literally thousands of opportunities for you to make a difference at Brookdale.

[Find the right position for you on the Brookdale Careers Job Search Page.]

You can see for yourself. Just take a look at these videos to see what Brookdale associates have to say about their jobs and the difference they are making.


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Four Signs You Need a Career Change


Today people are often looking for a meaningful, fulfilling career that provides a feeling of purpose and positive return on their company and society. They have the opportunity to read, research and observe other companies, industries and experiences world-wide and see other careers that may be more enjoyable than their current position. Making a career change does not happen overnight, and you may be in a routine and unaware just how unhappy you are in your current job. Here are four indications you need a career change:

Trust: If you are in a work environment where you do not fully trust your boss or your employer, this can negatively impact your job performance, daily office life and how you interact with your boss and colleagues. Trust, transparency and open communication is a critical component to a healthy work culture and ultimately, to your happiness in the office as well as at home.

Stress: Do you wake up thinking about work? Do you feel anxious or exhausted? Have your eating habits changed? Stress will affect your current and long-term health, and it is imperative to keep your stress level in check. Stress can also affect your outlook on life and your interactions with friends and family. If you find yourself complaining about work and not feeling like an end to the stress is in sight, it is time to be proactive and make a change.

Boredom: If you are not excited about your position and leave each day feeling unfulfilled, it is time for a change. If you lack passion for your position, you will not be giving it your all, and you need to consider what will ignite that passion again. Are you in a job where there is no room to advance? What are you passionate about? Has your passion been placed on the back-burner because you do not have time to follow it with your current job responsibilities?

Staying for financial reasons: You may be staying in a position because the money is great, you are just a couple years away from being fully vested in your 401(k) and you have banked your personal time off (PTO) hours. Yes, these are important and you have worked hard to get to this point. However, don’t let this keep you in your job. Once you are happier and doing what you enjoy, these benefits will fall into place. Finding a career where you feel purpose and find fulfilling is important to decrease the stress and unhappiness in your life and for you to enjoy life.

Don’t stay in a career that makes you unhappy. Start self-evaluation today. Identify what makes you happy, what you are passionate about, and engage with friends, family and mentors to support you in taking this leap. You can do it!

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Tips to Land Your Dream Job: Transfer Skills to New Career


Ready for a career or industry shift? Looking for your dream job?
The first thing you should know is that a career change is within reach. Many of the skills you’re using at your current position are transferable to other careers. Also keep in mind that challenges you’ve already overcome or experienced in your current job are similar across other industries. We view these challenges as opportunities, and call them chopportunities. So what do you need to do? The first step is to wrap your head around the concept of transferring skills to a new career. Let’s start thinking about these chopportunities.

Here’s a list of challenges you’ll find across nearly all industries:
• Teamwork issues and low moral
• Poor project management
• Lack of resources
• Communication breakdown
• Lack of leadership
• Role confusion
• Inefficiencies

If you know how to solve these issues and can demonstrate the results you’re in business.

What transferable skills could you bring to a company?
Here’s what virtually every hiring manager is looking for:
• A problem solver
• Organizer
• A creative thinker
• Motivator
• A leader

Don’t forget about the skills you’ve acquired outside of employment. You use very valuable skills in your hobbies, leisure and volunteer time. They are likely transferable to your new career as well! For example:
• Do you demonstrate leadership through coaching your child’s ball team?
• Are you on a board of directors or volunteer your time at a non-profit organization?
• Did you navigate a long trip far away on your own?
• Are you a block captain in your neighborhood?

Now that you’ve wrapped your mind around the possibility of shifting to a new career, you can take action in your search. Do things to present your best self to employers. Check out part two next week for a list of action items to get you going.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I search for a job?
How do I apply for a job?
How do I verify I’ve applied for a job?
What’s the status of a job I applied for?
When will I be contacted?
How can I update my information?
How can I submit a new resume?
How do I submit my signature on the full application?
Why is the application not going to the next page?
Why won’t my resume upload?
Top Tips: 
Clear Your Cache
Update Your Web Browser
Login Questions:
What’s my username?
What’s my password?
How do I change my password?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for or still need help? Email helpmeapply@brookdale.com.

Common Trouble Shooting and Technical Issues:

In many cases clearing your browser’s history and cached items will solve issues with our site, especially those involving trouble entering text or making changes to your profile.

How to clear your cache.

Your internet browser will keep a cache of images and information of sites you’ve visited to help them load faster on repeat visits. When sites change an outdated cache can cause problems and prevent you from being to see new images. Clearing your cache is the best way to make sure your computer is interacting with our site correctly. Click on the name of your browser to find out how to clear your cache.

Internet Explorer

(Not sure which browser you’re using? Click here to find out.)

How to update your web browser.

In some cases you won’t be able to apply for a job if your internet browser hasn’t been updated. An older version of a browser might not be able to interact with our site, which we strive to keep updated. Click on the name of the browser you’re using to find out how to get the latest update.

Internet Explorer

(Not sure which browser you’re using? Click here to find out.)

Frequently asked questions when applying for a job at Brookdale Senior Living.

How to search for a job.

1 Start by going to our search page – www.brookdalecareers.com/jobs

2 Type in the name of the position you’re looking for under “Keywords.” For example: cook, server, nurse, resident care associate, executive director, sales manager.

3 Enter the city and state you want to work in or the zip code. Be sure to spell the city correctly and use the format City, ST.

4 Broaden or tighten your search with the zip code radius. To find all jobs located around a certain city set the radius at 50 miles or larger.

5 If you are willing to relocate leave the state and city blank to see what jobs are available across the nation.

How do I apply for a job?

1 Once you find a job that meets your skill set simply click “Apply Now” under the job description while viewing a list of jobs, or click on the “Apply to this Job” button when viewing a single job page.


2 If this is the first time you’ve applied for a job at Brookdale you’ll need to create a login and profile, which requires a valid email address, password and some basic information.

CreateProfile3 Once your profile is complete the system automatically applies you to the job you’ve selected. You’ll also be able to check the status of a job and make changes to your profile and/or resume.

4 If you already have a profile with Brookdale (even one that is a few years old) you’ll need to log in to our system. You’ll then automatically apply to the job you’ve choosen.


How can I be sure that I’ve applied for a job?

1 You should receive an email confirming that you’ve applied for a job. It could take a few minutes for our system to send you this email.
2 You can also log in, then click “My Profile” and “View Jobs Applied.” This will show you a list of the jobs you’ve applied for as well as your status with that job.
3 If you did not receive an email, and don’t see the job under “View Jobs Applied” you have not applied for that job.

What is the status of the job I applied for?

1 Our system allows you to see the status of jobs you’ve applied for, showing you whether you’ve been submitted to a hiring manager or rejected.

2 Sign in by clicking on the “Sign In” button at http://www.brookdalecareers.com/jobs/.


3 Log in by entering your email and password, then clicking on the “Login” button. You can also log in using Facebook or LinkedIn if that’s how you originally entered our system.


4 Click on the “Jobs Applied” tab which will show you a listing of all jobs you’ve applied for.

5 The status will be displayed in the fourth column from the left.
(Jobs that have been closed or filled will not appear on your list.)

When will I be contacted about the position I’ve applied for?

You should receive an email a few minutes after applying for a job. Candidates how most closely match what we’re looking for will be contacted by a recruiter or hiring manager, typically within a few days after you’ve applied. You can check on the status of a job anytime following the directions above.

How can I update my information?

1 Starting at www.brookdalecareers.com/jobs, click on the “Sign In” tab then log in.


2 Click on the “Edit Profile” tab.

3 This will bring up your profile and allow you to make changes. Be sure all fields marked with a red star are completed.

4 After making changes go to the bottom of the page and click “Submit.”

How can I submit a new resume?

1 Starting at www.brookdalecareers.com/jobs, click on the “Sign In” tab then log in.


2 Click on the “Edit Profile” tab.

3 This will bring up your profile and allow you to make changes. Be sure all fields marked with a red star are completed.

4 Scroll down to the resume section of your profile.


5 Choose the location of your resume and find it on your computer or device. Then click “Upload.”

6 Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “SUBMIT.” (Your resume will not be sent until you click “SUBMIT.”

How do I complete the employment application?

1 We only ask those candidates who most closely match what we’re looking for to complete our full employment application. A hiring manager or recruiter will ask you to fill this out.

2 Start by logging in with your email address and password. (We recommend gathering all of your employment history information before starting the application.)applogin

2 Click “Employment Application”

3 Be sure to complete all fields marked with a red *. These are required fields. The system should not let you go to the next page unless all required fields have been filled.

4 Sign the application after entering all of your information using the signature pad.


5 Once you’ve signed the words “Signature OK” will appear below the box.


6 To clear your signature and sign again hit the arrows. arrows

7. Once your signature appears the way you want it enter the date below and click “SUBMIT.”

8. Verify the application is completed by looking at the status on the page that shows up.



Why is the application not going to the next page?

You must complete all required fields before moving to the next page of the application. After clicking “NEXT” you’ll see an message at the top of your screen notifying you if there is missing information of if you’ve not answered a question.

Why won’t my resume upload?

Our system will only accept Word (.docx), PDF or Text files.
Start by selecting where your resume is located – My Device, Dropbox or Microsoft Onedrive. (Our system does not currently support Google Drive.)
Next choose the file you want to upload. Dropbox and Microsoft Onedriver users will need to sign in to those accounts.
Please note that after selecting your resume the file name will NOT be displayed. Click Upload. Your resume will be uploaded once you complete the profile form and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.
After completing your profile you can check to be sure your resume was uploaded, make changes or add a new resume by choosing “Edit Profile.”

*Note to mobile device users: You can only upload a resume using Dropbox or Microsoft Onedrive.

Login Questions

What’s my username?

Your username will be the email address you used to create a login and profile.

What’s my password?

1 Enter the email you used to log in.

2 Then click “Forgot my password.”

3 Your password will be emailed to you. (It may take several minutes.)

How can I change my password?

1 Enter the email you used to log in.

2 Click “Reset password.”

3 You will be asked to enter your current password and a new password.

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