Brookdale provides the opportunity for associates to collect a bonus for referring good people.

Jessica J

It’s just one of the ways you can earn a bonus at Brookdale! We provide eligible associates with a bonus for referring friends or family members who are hired. There’s no limit to the number of referrals eligible associates can make. The more good people you bring to Brookdale, the bigger your bonus.
We call it our
Good People Program.



Tell your friends or family about a job opening at Brookdale.

Refer the candidate to the supervisor of the department with the opening, your local HR manager or corporate recruiter.

Make sure the person you’ve referred writes your name when applying for the job.
They’ll be asked “How did you find out about this position?”
This is where they’ll need to write your name.

If the person you’ve referred gets hired you’ll receive an hourly bonus on top of your regular pay for the first year the new associate is here.


You can search for open positions and direct the good people you find by clicking the button below.

Good People Program